About us

Many years ago

In 1989, 27 years ago, Pro - touch began importing video systems and stage lighting, embarking on a journey which introduced a new concept of acoustic quality in the audio and video world. Sounds and sound effects for those of refined acoustic tastes and novel and spectacular interactions of light and color. Along the way we have we have shaped, improved and worked hard to accomplish our goals. Today, with the vast experience, we have acquired along the way, we have become partners in the construction of many projects together with those passionate to leave a mark. Our background in the fields of Music and Plastic Arts have enabled us to craft worlds a new type of multi - sense experience, that lingers long after the event is over. We amplify this experience by using cutting edge high - end equipment. We have developed an awareness of our agronomic environment and a consistent foresight towards future trends and developments. Accordingly, we have introduced our novel concepts into the world of multimedia, transforming it into a hypnotic experience for both closed and open spaces. These concepts have been implemented in projects where a combination of advanced screen applications via unconventional technologies is required. Examples of these combinations include LED - covered wall screens, water fountains that can transform into 3D screens onto which different objects are projected, interactive multimedia platforms, and Led screens that serve as monumental statues planned and constructed in accordance to the design concept. These designs open up a portal to a world of content and communication that speak to the mind and the heart in real - time.

The Main Characters in Our Story

Our Clients

Intel, The Israeli Military Industry, Coca - Cola, Israeli Ministry of Defense, The Israeli Airport Authority, The Broadcasting Authority, Globus Max, Department Stores, Hotels, Municipal governments, Regional Councils and many more.

Our clients have a diverse business background. What they share in common is foresight and the will to set trends and innovatively present and their message and render it accessible, utilizing fascinating designs and creative and technological thinking. These are the criteria our clients seek when they reach Pro - Touch and these are the criteria which keep them with us once they step through our doors.

The Heart of the Story

Our employees constitute the heart, mind, passion and approach to manifest our creations. We are a family not only in our corporate culture but also in our very essence, making each of us committed not only to our personal success but also to the overall success of everyone else in the project and the company. Our people come from the fields of Plastic Art, Design, Planning, and field performance and are filled with imagination and daring – when they conceive ideas they do so in a grand and extreme fashion and are prepared to go the distance in pursuit of fulfilling them; together we deliver a perfect and professional project.

The whole story in a nutshell

Our clients are always looking for something new, something that will transport them to a world composed entirely of the senses. We at Pro - Touch process this desire and forge it into something tangible. We transform the concept into a doable architectural design. This is accomplished via a number of stages : inspiration boards, architectural drawings, 3d renderings of the plans and final shop - drawings for performance of the plans. We offer an overall experience, personal and powerful, where each detail is taken into account, according to a preconceived plan where we combine leading brands to provide a unique experience.